“I can hear my wife a lot better!”

Hearing aids have really helped me in communication with other people. I don’t have to pretend that I understand what they are saying when I really don’t! I can hear my wife a lot better when I’m wearing them and she doesn’t have to raise her voice to be heard. Try the hearing aids, what can you lose? It takes a short time to get used to wearing them and it will help your relationship with other.

What has pleased me most in my course of treatment at Imaginears is the friendly feeling I have with the staff. They are always so helpful!

Leo Z.

“Very pleasant and helpful!”

I am very satisfied with the help that I received from Imaginears. When I first contacted them about the cost of my hearing aids, I was told what the charges would be for each procedure and that if I would get a referral from my primary care physician, the cost of the hearing test would probably be paid for by my medical insurance company.

Elizabeth Tangel is a very pleasant and helpful person. Her instructions on the use and care of my hearing aids were easy to understand. She answered all my questions.

Donald D.

My visits are welcoming, all of my questions get answered and Imaginears offers excellent products that meet all of my needs. I highly recommend Imaginears!

Barbara K.

“I cannot imagine living without my hearing aids!”

After going to another audiologist for several years and not wearing my hearing aids regularly because they did not work right and actually were painful, I decided to try someplace different. Dr. Tangel fitted me with a trial pair of hearing aids… immediately they felt much better and I have worn them every day, all day for a month now. I cannot imagine living without them.

During my trial, Dr. Tangel had me come in once a week for fine tuning… Well worth it. Each visit they feel like a natural part of my life and hearing got better. I LOVE THEM and working with Kris and Dr. Tangel has been a pleasure. I always felt welcome and like they care… THEY DO!!! anytime I have a question or issue they address it right away. They advertise ‘We listen so you can hear’ this is true. Dr. Tangel truly did listen to my concerns and issues and was not afraid to try new setting no matter what to ensure I was receiving the best care possible. I am a customer for life!!!

Paul S.

Had my ears cleaned and am feeling wonderful! My service was excellent with an extremely helpful staff.

Iola M.

Very helpful people! The best hearing aids I have ever had. I would recommend these to anyone with Tinnitus.

Michael K.

“Imaginears gave me my life back!”

We called Imaginears in Medford and made an appointment. We told the office that they had been recommended by the Tinnitus clinic at OHSU and we needed immediate care. Within a few days, we were in and being fitted with the new Widex Zen hearing aids by Doctor Tangel and the Widex factory rep. What was normally an hour visit turned into two hours as both of them worked to custom engineer the Zen sounds that would trick my brain into ignoring the tinnitus sounds. It was if a switch had been flipped. I could hear them clearly and with the overlay of the Zen sounds, the tinnitus faded into background noise. For the first time in months, I relaxed, and as my wife said, it took ten years off your face. So, hearing aids, especially the Widex with Zen, gave me my life back, with a lot of great help from Imaginears.

Blair M.

Imaginears service is always excellent and extremely helpful. Now I can be involved in conversations when my family gets together and enjoy it so much more.

Dorothy K.

I love my Oticon hearing aids. Noisy places always made it hard to hear conversation now I hear with no problem and others are saying “What did you say”.

Iline K.

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