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Did you realize that you can help potential patients and your healthcare provider at the same time just by submitting a quick, truthful review online?

As an increasing number of people depend on online reviews in identifying a healthcare provider, simply sharing your experiences can push someone to finally seek the help they need. Plus, you can enable your hearing care professional to address any issues that could improve the practice—in turn assuring a positive experience for future patients.

Are you ready to make a difference in people’s lives? Here are four additional reasons you should review your hearing care professional on the web.

1. It’s simple to post a review online

Numerous hearing care providers have a website with a page focused on reviews, and this is the best place to start. Simply navigate to the website, find the review link, and publish a concise review directly on the website—all in less time than it takes to brew a cup of coffee.

2. You can help people to finally get the help they need

As stated in a 2015 BrightLocal survey, 92 percent of consumers now read online reviews, and 80 percent will put their trust in web-based reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Which means 8 out of every 10 individuals will consider your review as seriously as a personal suggestion. So if you had a pleasant experience, submitting a favorable online review is without question the best way to get the message out, enabling other people to get the same quality of care.

3. You can help cultivate a fair picture of the practice

Research shows that people are considerably more likely to write reviews after a bad experience than after a positive one. This produces a negativity bias that can present the practice in a bad light.

No one is perfect—and no practice is either. Whether the negative reviews are justified or not, they will likely get posted. And if the positive experiences go undocumented, this will create a distorted picture. If you believe the practice deserves a good reputation, you can help them out by writing a positive review.

4. You can help your hearing care provider strengthen the patient experience

We believe in truthful, respectful reviews, without consideration to whether those reviews are positive or negative. But we also believe that attempting to resolve issues privately is the ideal place to begin.

If you’ve had an unfavorable experience, it’s almost always best to first get in touch with the practice in private. Typically, the issues can be remedied whereby both parties are pleased. Although, if the issues were not dealt with to your satisfaction, you may believe that your negative experience must be shared.

In that case, in the name of honesty, you may want to submit respectful suggestions that can help the provider enhance the patient experience. This ultimately helps the practice and creates an improved experience for potential patients.

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