If you love your job, you’re like most people in that you derive much satisfaction from being a vital part of your occupation. The fulfillment you get from your job means you know you’re achieving something in regards to the greater good. But what if attending work each day meant you suffered from hearing loss over the long term? Be aware of the most common noisiest workplaces and familiarize yourself with how you can prevent hearing damage over time. This is especially so in occupations such as mining, the military and construction.

Nightclub Worker

Perhaps you enjoy a few hours at the club catching up with friends, but think about the people who work in these types of places. They must endure the yelling of the crowd and pulse-pounding music every single night, increasing the risk of hearing loss for DJs, security personnel, bartenders and servers.


Thanks to this important industry that’s integral to the smooth operation of the food and livestock industry, farmers deliver to us the natural resources we need. This may be true, but the machinery the farmers use, from plows to hay balers, can get up to than 85 decibels and beyond – more than what is needed to create hearing loss. This is why it’s necessary to wear ear protection every day.


At the very heart of mining, there is a blending of confined spaces and heavy machinery that can be very loud. As such, miners fall victim to hearing loss over time, although they have a vitally important occupation to discover raw materials. This hearing loss risk is a negative side effect of this job.


Working in the armed forces includes a higher risk of losing your hearing due to the consistently loud environment. This can take its toll on the people who work on military bases and in war zones thanks to inundation with the repeated sounds of tanks, bombs, training regimens, artillery and construction.

Ground Workers at Airports

When you think of loud occupations, perhaps an airport ground worker comes to the forefront of your mind. You’d certainly be right that this is one of the loudest jobs available, especially when you consider the fact that hearing damage can be created by exposure to high amounts of decibels of sound generated by jets. Eighty-five decibels — the level at which hearing loss can occur – is doubled in this instance thanks to all the jumbo jets taking off on a runway. It’s imperative that people in this line of work always put on noise dampening headphones.

General Construction

Construction workers are inundated with lots of sound every single day, between trucks and tools. It’s this constant noise that can often cause hearing damage, which is why noise cancelling headphones and ear plugs are necessary in this field.

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