Women avoiding talking on the phone because of hearing loss.

Is your loss of hearing causing you to chat less often on the phone? As time passes, you may feel isolated as a result of your loss of hearing. It’s not necessary to quit talking on the phone. You can certainly discover methods to keep in touch with your friends and loved ones.

It’s All About Communication

With any relationship, communication is the key and the same goes for your phone. Can anything be done to enhance the situation?

  • Are the voices hard to hear? Check the phone to make sure that the volume is turned all the way up.
  • You can consider accessories such as Bluetooth or headphones if the volume is already turned up. It will make your phone sound better and it could be an affordable way to get what you need.
  • Have you had an ear exam? Not all hearing loss is permanent, so get a proper diagnosis. Simple things like earwax buildup or an ear infection can cause temporary hearing loss.

Once you eliminate some of the more obvious issues, you can look at other possibilities that will get you back on the phone.

You Can Get an App For That

There are really several possible apps. There are many apps you can download that work to get you, and your phone back on the same page, some of them are pretty cool.

What the other person says can be turned to text with some of these apps. Not all of these apps work perfectly, but they give you some option that could be helpful. Brands to look up include:

Not all voice to text apps are free, but most are reasonably priced.

Phones For The Hard of Hearing

If you are looking for a landline solution, you can get phones for your home that function the same way as an app. They make it much easier to hear by amplifying the sound on the other end. An equalizer makes the high pitched sounds that usually get lost clearer.

Another solution is a captioning phone. In order to use the captioning service, you need to have a special phone with a screen. With this service, the words are repeated or typed into software by a third party operator and are then shown on the screen of the phone. You will need the internet to use a captioning service.

Text-to-Voice Teletype (TTY) is a traditional phone system that is still available and works similarly to the captioning phone. However, it does require a separate device to show the text.

Getting Hearing Aids is Your Best Choice

Modern hearing aids won’t feedback every time they come close to a phone like the old ones did. There are hearing aid compatible phones which remove background noise and other types of interference to enhance sound quality. Current hearing aid technology is compatible with these phones. What’s more, they are wireless and will work even when you aren’t on the phone.

An advanced program that allows it to be compatible with both smart-phones and landlines is a stand out feature of current hearing aid technology. The technology functions by holding the hearing device up to the phone and streaming the sound from the one to the other.

Most digital hearing aids are also Bluetooth compatible. You pair the phone up with the hearing aids exactly the same as you would with wireless headphones or earbuds. When the phone rings, the sound is sent directly to your hearing aids.

Don’t allow hearing loss to wreck your friendships and other relationships. Do what you must to make up with your phone, and start talking again. It’s time to make an appointment with a hearing specialist to check out the newest hearing aid technology.

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