Did you know that one contributing factor to your overall health is the health of your ears? As you age, your hearing gets worse, but it doesn’t have to be such a noticeable transformation. While your hearing worsens as you age, especially when exposed to so many loud noises or unhealthy practices throughout life, you can do more to shore up your defenses against hearing loss. Certain diets, say doctors today, can help you lessen the impact of hearing loss over time. Let’s check out what those super foods are and why they’re so good for your hearing health.

Sweet Treats

One of the most influencing health threats to seniors is that to their hearing health. There are ways you can keep this hearing loss at bay as you age by popping a zinc supplement each day. Or, you could go the sweet route and try some dark chocolate, known for all its excellent zinc and antioxidants that aid in other areas of your overall health. It’s easy to eat this in conjunction with other foods to make for a healthy meal.

Fresh Veggies

Fresh veggies are invaluable in the fight against hearing damage. This is particularly true of broccoli, which is the best veggie in terms of curbing hearing loss. That’s because this cruciferous vegetable has lots of vitamins that help stave off tissue damage in the ears. They certainly can help your hearing, but did you know they can also contribute to healthier hair and skin too?

Try Salmon

Eating fish like salmon that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids can boost your overall heart health and ensure the strong pumping of blood throughout the body. It’s this increased blood flow that really does wonders for the ears. Keeping your hearing healthy throughout your life is easy when you opt for a baked or grilled fish dinner at least once a week.

Bunch o’ Bananas

Are you committed to shoring up your body’s defenses against hearing loss? If so, try incorporating bananas into your weekly diet. There are many yummy ways you can enjoy this fruit, such as on cereal or in a peanut butter sandwich. Bananas help your body protect itself against loud noises thanks to all the magnesium they’re brimming with.

Citrus Fruits

Want to boost your hearing health in an easy way? Eat lots of citrus fruits like oranges and lemons. Not only will you guard against colds, you’ll also guard against ear infections. When left unchecked, these types of infections can cause irreparable, chronic damage to your inner ear. The vitamins in citrus – particularly large amounts of C and E – will serve to enhance your immune system and assist it in fighting off infections of the ear.

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