Up till now, hearing impaired individuals had to wait for new releases well after they hit movie theaters to make way for the addition of captions. This resulted in hearing impaired individuals not being able to see newly released movies at the theater with their friends and family. That’s all going to change, due to a new technology that’s making waves in the industry. Closed captioning glasses are certainly revolutionizing the way people with hearing loss are viewing movies at the theater. In fact, many cinemas across the country are making this new product available for widespread use, so let’s examine what the new product is and where it’s available.

What They Do

The glasses are unique in their ability to instantly decode captions from a data transmitter that then sends the subtitle information to sensors on either side of the lenses. The display is so clear, you will think they are floating just 10 feet in front of your face. Now, hearing impaired individuals can completely enjoy the entire movie-going experience with no worries and no exhaustion.

Catering to people who suffer from hearing loss through the unique ability to be configured to preferences, users are able to switch the brightness up or down according to their needs. In turn, this offers an unparalleled ease of use when it comes to viewing and interpreting the captions under optimal conditions. Other specific adjustments can be made to see the film and captions better. You may also want to optimize your position in the theater itself by sitting right in the middle.

Your Comfort is Priority #1

Called Access Glasses, these oversized glasses are easy to wear and aren’t clunky at all. As a result, you’ll find the total experience is a comfortable one, no matter your body or face size. They look similar to 3D glasses for your television, but are formatted for the movie theater thanks to two detectors on either side of the lenses. Do you wear prescription lenses? No problem, as Access Glasses can fit right over them.

A Winning Partnership

Sony and Regal Cinemas partnered up to develop and implement these closed-caption glasses that were the initial idea of Randy Smith, chief administrative officer of Regal Cinemas. He was the one to spearhead the ground breaking initiative that has already undergone many years of testing phases. Now ready to be used by the public on a trial basis, the glasses are being made available to 6,000 screens.

Where Can You Find Them?

If you have a Regal Cinemas theater near you, chances are good you can find them there. However, they’re only offered at 6,000 screens across the U.S. at the moment but that very well may increase once the initial testing phase is over and success is determined.

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