Of all of the numerous changes that have occurred in hearing aid technology, cell phones appear to have had the greatest impact on it in recent years. While there have been a variety of improvements in hearing aids, such as the cochlear implant and digital displays, the fact that cell phones have been able to mesh their technology with that of hearing devices so well shows that it is only going to grow and become more important. That is why we will take a look at the different ways that cell phones have helped push hearing aid tech to the next level.

Smartphones Have Led The Way

Smartphones have been one of the most significant developments in technology over the last decade. They have included new applications in every generation that has allowed them to work to meet the needs of their hearing impaired customers. For example, one of the most famous applications that have been developed screens all calls for excess noise and static, essentially filtering it out before it ever becomes a major problem. Other applications that have become significant in helping people who suffer from hearing loss have been alarm and notification apps. These typically function by allowing lighting up the entire screen and playing a very powerful vibration to get the attention of a person who uses a hearing aid device.
However, the benefits of a smartphone for a hearing impaired person do not end there. Another one of the most significant developments for smart technology has been the ability to link certain hearing devices directly to the smartphone, granting the user the ability to control their hearing device without having to remove it from their ears. This allows new levels of privacy and control to be implemented from the palm of one’s hand. The best part is that this technology is only going to continue to grow in the next generations of phone and hearing technology.

A Powerful History

Smartphones did not suddenly become one of the most powerful hearing device additions over night. There was a rich history of hearing technology being integrated into cell phones long before they became as popular as they are right now. This technology mostly took the form of telecoils, which are devices which can help convert additional magnetic waves into sound waves that can be transferred into the hearing device of the user. This was the starting point for all hearing aid tech to be integrated into cell phone technology around the world. From there, phone companies decided that they could be the difference in reaching out to people with hearing impairment. With this history and ongoing efforts to make cell phones more accessible, hearing aids and cell phones are a partnership that will continue to produce fulfilling outcomes into the future.

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